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Food, Employment & Shelter





Private Industry Council (P.I.C.)  850 N. Hunter, Stockton, CA  95202, 209-468-3500;  Economically disadvantaged youth and adults in San Joaquin County area with the right to work, who are looking for employment or employment training.  Must have a CA driver's license and Social Security Numbe



Education - GED Programs



The cost for GED testing is $150, but if the student is going through the Human Services Agency or Cal Works, a voucher is provided to cover the cost.

The test for the General Education Diploma can be taken at the following sites:



County Office of Education – Offers GED testing at Venture Academy for $150. Contact: Sandra Budesa, 2829 Transworld Drive, Stockton, CA 95206, 468-5940 (There is no sliding scale offered).



Stockton School for Adults – GED Testing $150. 1525 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204, (209) 933-7455 Testing is also available in the outlying areas: Lodi School for Adults – GED Testing $150. Manteca School for Adults – GED Testing $150. Tracy School for Adults – GED Testing $150. (There is no sliding scale offered).



Delta College offers preparation classes only. The classes are free, but a book must be purchased at $26.95 + tax. When the student is ready to take the GED test, they are referred to Stockton School for Adults or County Office of Education. 5151 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95207, 954-5151



Private Industry Council (P.I.C.)  850 N. Hunter, Stockton, CA  95202, 209-468-3500;  Economically disadvantaged youth and adults in San Joaquin County area with the right to work, who are looking for employment or employment training.  Must have a CA driver's license and Social Security Number.






Smart-Bus (Schedule), 1533 E. Lindsay, Stockton, CA  95205;  209-943-1111;  Provides bus transportation with the greater Stockton Area.



Food Banks





San Joaquin County Human Services, 2736 North Teepee Drive, Suite C, Stockton, CA 95205, Director: Joseph E. Chelli, Phone: (209) 468-2202, Fax: (209) 468-2207



Greater Stockton Emergency Food Bank,  7 W. Scotts Ave., Stockton, California  (464-7369);  Offers a 3-day supply of emergency groceries.  Provides resource referrals for other options.  Offers four satellite pantries serving the greater Stockton Area.



St. Mary's Interfaith Dining Room,  545 W. Sonora, Stockton  (467-0703);  Meals provided, medical/dental services available Monday thru Friday, Showers, Monday thru Friday, clothing available, mental health and detox counselors on site and job referrals services available.  Separate Woman's Unit.  AA/NA on site.



Salvation Army- Men's Social Service Center, 1247 South Wilson Way, Stockton, CA  95205, 209-466-3871;  Daily education sessions, Mental Counseling and referrals to community resources, recovery programs or residential placements.



Samaritan Training Center, 1981 Cherokee Road, Stockton, CA  95202, 209-467-7855;  Offers Counseling food and clothing.





Interfaith Ministries - Tracy , 2441 N. Holly-Tracy or 420 E. 11th St, Tracy CA  95376, 209-836-5424; Provides food and clothing and referrals





Interfaith ministries - Ripon  816 W. Main, Ripon, CA  95366; 209-599-3682;   Provides clothing and food to Ripon Residents in need.



Lodi and Manteca


Salvation Army,

- Stockton, 1305 E. Weber St. (948-8955)

- Lodi, 525 W. Lockford St. (369-5896)

- Manteca, 140 Center Street (239-8926)



Lodi Community Services Center, 415 S. Sacramento Street; Lodi, CA  95240; 209-331-7516;  Provides an emergency food and clothing bank; interpreters for the Mexican speaking community; assistance with most immigration, disability and welfare forms, referrals and commodity surplus give away.



Manteca Love Thy Neighbor, 609 W. Center Street, Manteca, CA  95336; 209-823-5310;  Provides food, clothing and home furnishing, shelter if available, transportation to medical services.




 Governmental Agencies:  Food Stamps and Housing Authority



San Joaquin County Human Services,  333 E. Washington Street, Stockton, CA  95202.



Housing Authority of San Joaquin County 448 S. Center St.  Stockton, CA  95201; P.O. Box 446, Stockton CA  95201   (209) 460-5085  (209) 466-1489;  Financially assist with rent by paying 70% of housing bill to owner/s landlords who are in agreement with the program.



Central Valley Housing   209-472-7200



State Disability Insurance  528 N. Madison Street, Stockton, CA  95202, 209-948-7682.  A wage-loss program that pays for monetary losses due to verified disability.



Public Health- Wide array of health care and education HIVE/Aids, includes testing counseling, case management, AZT, Children's HIV screening, STD clinics, WIC-Woman, Infants and Children,



Public Health-WIC (Women, Infants and Children) 1601 E. Hazelton, Stockton, CA  95205, 209-468-3280



Public Health-AIDS 1601 E. Hazelton, Stockton, CA  95205, 209-468-3820



Public Health-Sexual Transmitted Disease 1601 E. Hazelton, Stockton, CA  95205, 209-468-3846



Public Health-Parental Care and Guidance 1601 E. Hazelton, Stockton, CA  95205, 209-468-3480



Public Health-Young Parents Program 1601 E. Hazelton, Stockton, CA  95205, 209-468-3480



Public Health-Manteca  209-823-7104



Public Health-Tracy  209-831-5930



San Joaquin Aids Foundation, 4410 N. Pershing Avenue, STE C-4, Stockton, CA  95207, 209-476-8533 or 1-800-FOR-AIDS,  Case management for HIVE positive, support groups, referrals for testing and abuse problems.  Information speakers and resource materials for schools and community groups.  medical and dental referrals, risk reduction, workshops, training for health care providers, women's support group, drop-in crisis counseling.



Homeless Shelters





Safe House for Youth- Center for Positive Prevention Alternatives, Inc.   426 E. Flora, Stockton, CA  95202  209-948-1911;  Shelter for teens who are homeless or thinking about leaving home: Call the Safe House Hotline at 800.769.HELP.



National Runaway Switchboard  1-800-621-4000. Provides Crisis Intervention and local referrals for runaways and parents.



Stockton Shelters for the Homeless (Various locations throughout County) Tosh Saruwatari, LCSW Deputy Director (209) 468-8780 Telephone Number (209) 468-8025 Fax Number.  Homeless Outreach for Mental Health Clients: Provide a wide range of shelters in the community for the homeless. Services include shelter, skills training, money management, Job finding, food and clothing for Mental Health consumers.


Stockton Shelters for the Homeless- Family Shelter 301 S. San Joaquin St. Stockton, CA  95203; 209-465-3612;  30 days emergency shelter.  Meals, Clothing and transportation, assistance getting employment, housing, benefits, referrals as need.



Stockton Shelters for the Homeless- Singles Shelter 611 West Church Street, Stockton, CA  95203, 209-466-2605;  30 days emergency shelter.  Meals provided daily.  Referrals for clothing and medical.  housing, transportation, employment, benefits, assistance, Referrals for substance abuse, mental health counseling on-site.



Supportive Housing Program/Recovery/2 1011 Rosemarie Lane, Apt. 110, Stockton, CA 95207 Tosh Saruwatari, LCSW Deputy Director (209) 468-8780 Housing for dual diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse.



Satellite I and II.  Crisis Clay Program Manager (209) 946-2132 I: 530 N. Stanislaus St. Stockton, CA 95202 & II: 1337 N. Madison St. Stockton, CA 95202:  Mental Health Supportive Living Assistance Studio and one bedroom apartment with assistance in medication management, cooking skills, and monthly apartment checks to assure compliance with ADL’s and recreational activities in community.



Gospel Rescue Mission (New Hope Family Shelter), 445 S. San Joaquin St., Stockton California (466-2138);  Shelter to both men and women in separate units.  Emergency Shelter, referrals to housing.



Stockton Gospel Rescue Mission, 229 East Church Street, Stockton, CA  95201; 209-466-2138;  Drug and Alcohol Christian rehabilitation.  Three Year residential program, counseling and referral.  Emergency housing for men, Emergency food for anyone.  Health and substance abuse counseling available.



We Appreciate You  (W.AY.), P.O. Box 55030, Stockton CA  95205; 209-941-2718;  209-941-2776;  209-469-2138;  800-959-8102.  Sober Living Environment.



Jesus Saves Ministries, Inc, 428 S. Sutter Street, Stockton, CA  95203; 209-463-4979;  Counseling Shelter and Children's Services



French Camp


Haven of Peach Women's Emergency Home 7070 South Harlan Road, French Camp, CA  95231; 209-982-0396;   Assist women with food, shelter, clothing and counseling.





McHenry House, 757 A. Street, Tracy, CA  95376; 209-835-2328;  Shelter


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