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Local San Joaquin County Addresses


Addresses and Phone Numbers of Child Protective Services and Public Defenders; Court and Jail

San Joaquin County Court House 209-468-1330;  222 E. Weber Ave., Stockton California  95202;



San Joaquin County Public Defenders Office - Juvenile  (209) 468-4760;  535 W. Matthews Road French Camp, California 95231,



San Joaquin County Public Defenders Office - Adult  (209) 468-2730; 102 S. San Joaquin St., Room 1, P.O. Box 201030 Stockton, California 95201-9030



San Joaquin County Office of the District Attorney - Adult  (209) 468-2400



San Joaquin County Jail  (209) 468-4562;  7000 Michael Canlis Blvd., French Camp, CA 95231



San Joaquin County Human Services Agency - Child Protection Services, 209-468-1330;  P.O. Box 201056 Stockton, 102 S. San Joaquin Street, California 95201-3006;



Mary Graham Shelter Support Services, PO Box 201056, French Camp, CA 95321.  Michele Rowland-Bird, LCSW

Manager for Children and Youth Services (209) 468-2385; Deborah Scott, MA Executive Director, FICS (209) 465-1080



Court Monitoring and Court Ordered Drug Programs (Criminal Justice Services)



ADAP (Alternative Drug and Alcohol Program) - San Joaquin General Hospital  500 W. Hospital Road French Camp, CA 95231 (209) 468-6840; Jail diversion program for women and men.  Offers monitoring 7 days a week.



Proposition 36  Courthouse Basement 222 E. Weber Avenue Stockton , CA 95202  Ramona Thomas (209) 953-7519;  Placement services for individuals court-referred to Prop 36 services.



Drug Diversion (Deferred Entry of Judgment) Program   Helen Ellis (209) 468-8628; 15 week education & counseling program  at CDCC (209) 468-3720 for individuals eligible for drug diversion under Penal Code 1000



Adult Drug Court  222 E. Weber Ave. Room 89, Stockton, CA  95202; Collaborative Justice court Manager Helen Ellis (209) 468-8628; Case management and treatment for Adult Drug Court.



Dependency Drug Court Case Management and Treatment Services  222 E. Weber Ave. Room 163, Stockton, CA  95202; Attention Rosemary Gomez (209) 468-8498 or Yesenia Hernandez (209) 468-3835 or Catherine Cotraro (209) 468-1240; Case management and treatment for Dependency Drug Court



Family Violence Court Case Management and Treatment Services, CalWorks Building 900 E. Oak Street, Room 205, Stockton CA  95202;.  Mailing Address 222 E. Weber Ave.  Room 303, Stockton, CA   95202;

CASE MANAGERS:  Kay Botille, Bruce Fernandez, Vivcie Wetherell, Jim Linnerman all can be reached at 209-468-0142 and fax 209-468-0145;     Elsa Lopez (209) 468-0143;


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